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The Irish Mafia

Where there's an Irish Mafia

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top o' the mornin' to ye lads. Welcome to th' Erse Mafia. Join, or ye'll be eatin' yer potatoes without teeth... or not eatin' them at all, y'catch my drift, boyo?

Upon joining, you will be assigned a stereotypical Irish name, and it is to that name you must adhere. Either than that, the rules're pretty lax, excluding the following:

Obey Frankie, Bailey, and Sean [whoever is above you in rank]
And no pukin' on my new suit. just got it drycleaned by that perky little leprechaun down Chauncy Way, doncha know?

gratchafoxa -- Frankie, first in command.
pookizegreat -- Bailey, second in command.
finsaur_venusy -- Sean, third in command.
demonnick -- Delano
etherbitch --Sierra
irishflu13 name to be assigned